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A Typical Dive Day with Nautilus Divers


Meet your dive guides:

  DOUG is the Australian owner/ operator of Nautilus Divers is a NAUI instructor, has done over 900 dives here in Kosrae and guides most dives.
  SALIK, the second member of the team is a native Kosraean who speaks fluent English, reasonable Japanese and is a NAUI Rescue Diver. (You might also notice Salik driving the boat as well as serving your meals and drinks in the Restaurant)
7:00 am: Time for breakfast, our restaurant is open and waiting. Feel free to let us know if you think you might need a wake up call, or you can set the clock radio in your room.

8:15 am: Meet at the dive shop, get your gear together and ready to load in to the trailer. Don't forget to bring your certification card if this is your first day with us. We will need you to read through and sign our standard NAUI waiver form.

8:30 am: Our mini bus will drive you to one of the 3 marinas where we keep our boats. Kosrae is roughly triangular in shape with a high mountain in the middle. Three locations are there so that on any given day we can choose the best side of the island to give you optimum diving conditions.

At the marina we load all of the equipment onto the dive boat and have you assemble it before the boat leaves the marina. If you need assistance our staff will happily assist. We fit you onboard with weights and tanks.

Once on our way and outside the harbour we can assess wind and swell to choose the best dive site for the start of the day. All dive sites are a mere five to 30 minute boat ride away, with a total of 58 mooring buoys to choose from. The dive briefing for the chosen dive site is given once we're on the mooring buoy.

For maximum safety our dive guide will tow a surface float and the group will drift with the current. If the current changes direction, the guide will usually choose to change direction and go with the flow. Both guides let you dive your own profile and leave you to enjoy your dive as much as possible. However, if they see something interesting they are only too happy to point it out to you.

Between dives we take a one hour surface interval allowing time to snorkel if you wish. During this time you will be served fresh local fruit including some of the best bananas you’ll ever taste, and some famous Kosraean tangerines. Depending on the season, we may also serve strawberry papaya, or local pineapples, both are a real treat. We also provide complimentary drinking water to ensure everyone is well hydrated.

After the second dive, we enjoy lunch on the boat before heading back into the harbour. Arrival back at the hotel is between 1.30 and 2.30 pm. If you wish to do three dives we get back about two-hours later.

Once back at the resort and after rinsing out the gear it is time to relax, go for a swim in the pool, or a snorkel out front on the reef, or simply read a book and relax till dinner time.

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