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Kosrae Dive Site: Split Rock

Micronesia DivingA macro photographers dream. This huge coral head that has split neatly in half, allowing a diver enough room to casually swim through the two halves. The top sits at 8 metres, and the bottom at 15 metres. At the bottom, it is possible to swim several metres in underneath to find all sorts of tiny creatures hiding from larger predators.

Nudibranchs abound here, and if you’re into small stuff, it’s possible to spend a whole dive exploring the rock. Curious Bat Fish often swim lazily through the split, and are often happy to pose for photographers. A resident Scorpionfish lives on the eastern side, and is a good challenge to find, given its excellent camouflage.

If you choose to look around for a while, and then drift off along the edge of the sloping reef, you’ll often come across Napoleon Wrasse, huge Pufferfish and Porcupine fish.

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