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Turtle on a Kosrae reef in MicronesiaUntil 1988 when Continental Micronesia added Kosrae to its regular flight schedule, few divers had the opportunity to enjoy the pristene reefs of Kosrae. Even today, Kosrae is still one of diving's best kept secrets.

Kosrae's reef structure is healthy and thriving, not suffering from global climate changes, pollution, over development or too many divers. Kosrae offers some of the most pristene diving in the world.

Naturally we want to protect the reefs, so we don't drop anchors from the dive boats. Kosrae has 58 mooring buoys that circle the entire island. They were installed as a joint effort of the government of Kosrae, local dive and resort operators, and international volunteers to protect and monitor the reefs. Moorings are typically in 30’ to 50’ (9m to 15m) of water.

The reefs gently slope from a coral plateau that falls away to a wall or steep slope as you head out towards the blue. This allows for a pleasant drift along the slope or wall and by the end of the hour everyone has had ample time to off-gas exploring the shallows.

Divers can jump in at any of the buoys and drift with the gentile currents to the next buoy where the dive boat will pick us up. The dive boat captain keeps an eye on the diver's bubbles and the surface float, so he always knows where they are.

Group Size: Maximum of 6 divers

Water Temperature: 27 to 28 degrees C or 81 to 83 degrees F

Travel time to divesites: The drive time to the different marinas is anywhere between five and thirty minutes, depending on which marine we leave from and what dive site we visit.

Accommodation: Where should we stay in Kosrae? - Nautilus Divers is part of Kosrae Nautilus Resort. Please click here to see information about Kosrae accommodations.

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